Jeremy Harris

Raised in bluesy Deep Ellum, Dallas’ historic and long standing music district, Jeremy over the last decade developed what he claims to be the most honest and true to the music version of dueling pianos in the business. “Rock ‘n’ Roll is our business and sometimes Pop and or rap, you name it. But no matter what song you request, when we play it you believe it! You say that’s the way that song should sound! Thats because at J’s we’re not jazz musicians that learned to sing or musical theatre types that learned the keys. We are those boys and girls in the band. You know, that living on the edge crew. The music is in our bones. It’s all we do. It’s all we ever wanted to do. So we do it well.” 


-Jeremy Harris (Owner)

Bryce Pilling

Wild and witty, this mans ability to have you rolling on the ground with laughter is rivald only by his devil may care attitude, rock ‘n’ roll spirit and long golden lochs.